Youth Activities

Safe Environments for Youth Activities

Urban churches offer young people the opportunity to safely grow as they workout life issues among supportive people of faith. In the church, young people are free to try and fail among those who view them as family. The church offers an environment of expression among both peers and leaders. It is the ultimate safe haven. Studies have shown that the mere presence of a church on a block in a troubled urban neighborhood reduces that block’s crime rate.

Family Supporting/Modeling Ministry

The Camden Youth Ministry Initiative is an assets-based effort. Such endeavors are a departure from programs that identify young people as the problem or as liabilities. This ministry views young people as community assets and lives to develop the assets within them. While liability based programs offer to “keep kids off the streets,” this initiative offers the chance to transform the city’s streets into joyful meeting places and recreation spaces where the ideas are exchanged, friendships are developed and dreams are advanced.

Arts and Cultural Activities for all Ages

The urban church serves as a central cultural heritage reserve. At the local church, young people have access to the rich history of God’s work among His people, through their music, art, thought and worship traditions. As today’s urban culture increasingly disconnects from family history, the urban church truly stands in the gap and provides connection to a legacy of faith and promise

A Variety of Engaging Youth Activities

Far from just a place to hang out, the urban church is a center for life changing activities. Be it an after school program, a day camp, youth Bible study, a choir or a career training program, the church is a gathering place where caring Christian adults and community young people join for exciting programs. Not only do these programs help develop understanding, skills and character, they also establish the foundations for transforming relationships.